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Kutztown University students, staff and faculty can be warned of life-threatening situations on campus and weather-related closures. The warning system allows you to register two cell phone numbers and two e-mail addresses to receive emergency text messages.

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Fall/Spring Hours:
M-Th: 8:30am-midnight
Fri: 8:30am-6:00pm
Sat: 2:00pm-6:00pm
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Understanding Campus Wi-Fi
Last updated: 08/17/2017 09:39:59

Large public Wi-Fi networks like we have on campus operate differently than a simple, private network like you probably have set up in your home. At times, the difference can be a source of frustration to students. This article is intended to help you better understand campus Wi-Fi so that you can eliminate that frustration and navigate it like a pro.

Logging into Wi-Fi

Campus Wi-Fi is available in more than 40 buildings spread out over more than 200 acres. To ensure that campus Wi-Fi is available only to KU students, faculty and staff, all users are required to log in with their KU username and password.

North Campus Wi-Fi (BearNet) - Academic Buildings

The Wi-Fi network prevalent throughout most non-residential spaces on campus is BearNet. Because Wi-Fi users in academic buildings tend to be transient (i.e. regularly moving between buildings and classrooms), BearNet is designed to be session-based. Some facts about BearNet:

  • When connecting to BearNet, you get no Internet access until you log in via the captive portal web page. In order to log in, open a browser on your device and browse to any non-secure web page (e.g. www.kutztown.edu). You will be automatically redirected to the captive portal web page.
  • BearNet supports Wi-Fi roaming within a building. For example, if you log into BearNet in Rohrbach Library, you can move around anywhere within Rohrbach Library and maintain your network connection (provided you’re still within range of a Wi-Fi signal).

  • Although BearNet does support Wi-Fi roaming between buildings, keep in mind that there are many device-specific factors (e.g. battery level, cookie-handling,  signal strength) that could affect the ability to maintain a Wi-Fi session. As a result, when you move from one north campus building to another, it may be necessary to re-establish your network connection (i.e. log into Wi-Fi again).

South Campus Wi-Fi (ResNet WiFi) - Residence Halls

The Wi-Fi network prevalent throughout residential areas on campus is ResNet WiFi. Some facts about ResNet WiFi:

  • Similar to BearNet, ResNet WiFi initially requires you to log in via a captive portal web page in order to register the device.
  • After your device is registered, you won't be required you to log in again for the rest of the semester.
  • ResNet WiFi consists of five zones, and each zone supports Wi-Fi roaming. Roaming allows you to move around anywhere within the zone and maintain your network connection (provided you’re still within range of a Wi-Fi signal). The five zones are…

    ResNet WiFi - Zone A
    GB Village West - Honors Building - Johnson Hall - University Place

    ResNet WiFi - Zone B
    Beck Hall - Bonner Hall - Deatrick Hall

    ResNet WiFi - Zone C
    Berks Hall - Lehigh Hall - Rothermel Hall - Schuylkill Hall

    ResNet WiFi - Zone D
    Dixon Hall

    ResNet WiFi - Zone E
    GB Village South (all buildings)

Things to try if you have problems connecting to Wi-Fi… 

1. Try browsing to any web page

Your device could be waiting to redirect you to the captive portal so you can log in. Open a browser and enter any URL (e.g. www.kutztown.edu) to force a redirection to the login page.

2. Turn Wi-Fi off/on

Because of inherent issues with roaming between and within some buildings (particularly among some smart phones), it may be helpful to turn your device’s Wi-Fi off/on, forcing it to establish a new path to the Internet.

3. Make sure you’re using campus Wi-Fi

If you’re not connected to BearNet or ResNet WiFi, you’re attaching to someone else’s network. Many student-owned devices broadcast Wi-Fi network names that likely aren’t set up to let you connect to the Internet.


If you have any questions or a specific concern about Wi-Fi use on campus, please email us at resnet@kutztown.edu.